eCommerce – The Need of the Hour

Among the many things 2020 has taught us, the power of Digital is a crucial one. While the presence of eCommerce can be traced back in time, when the pandemic locked us in our homes, it opened the doorway to a new normal – Online Shopping.

Now, more than ever, people are accustomed to seamless experiences and expect the convenience of eCommerce from every brand. The following are points to consider while launching an eCommerce business or model:

Benefits of eCommerce

Global Platform
While allowing new entrants the opportunity to compete on a unified platform, eCommerce also unveils a global stage for brands to expand their geographical presence. With personalized content and customized pages spanning across localities, the entire world could be a brand’s playground. A well optimized website also acts as a marketing tool for brands to rely on.

eCommerce allows direct brand-to-customer relationship with a prompt and round the clock service. Furthermore, it aides in improvising business practices through a record of feedbacks and an accurate database of customer behaviour.

A Personalized Experience
Apart from the quality of the product/service, consumers place high importance on personalization. With reports on the customer’s choices and patterns on the website, a brand is able to tailor experiences to each visitor, thereby, gaining a badge of trust and dependability.

Investments – Economic & Scalable
An eCommerce business is much more friendly on the pocket than the maintenance of a physical asset. At a time when every move on digital can be tracked, a brand should have a complete report of their profitable spends with a few clicks.

Adapting to the Future
tudies have hinted that by 2020, 95% of purchases will be made through the internet. With this mind, a well-developed digital presence is the first thing that a brand’s long-term strategy should state.

Recent Trends in eCommerce

Voice Search is on the go
Voice search is the new big evolution waiting to leave its mark in the industry. As consumers become habitual to surfing on smartphones, voice-enabled solutions are a progressive step to ensure even faster results.

Augmented Reality diminishing the ambiguity
One of the major drawbacks of eCommerce is the uncertainty that surrounds the purchase, however, these days, technology has advanced to bridge that gap too! From beauty to lifestyle, customers can now see how the product would look much before its delivery.

Artificial Intelligence &Chatbots
Another factor detached from eCommerce was the presence of an assistant, however, recent innovations have got that covered. Personal attention, recommendations, and faster response time 24×7 are just a few reasons that customers prefer the addition of a chatbot. AI also provides real-time insights/ customer data to brands to better the shopping experience.

Choosing the right eCommerce developer

Ever thought poorly of a brand you once looked up to because of its shabby website? It goes without saying that a good eCommerce platform can instantly gain traction and a poor one can tarnish a brand in a second.

While design is an imperative part of building an eCommerce model, the website is nothing without its functionality. On the front, an eCommerce website is a clean, structed slate presented to the stakeholders of a brand, but only an experienced developer would be able to manoeuvre through the mess of the backend.

“From high quality product displays to quick navigation and an appealing shopping experience, building a strong eCommerce strategy requires meticulous efforts. While each element is independent of one another, they are all directly associated with the brand’s image. At GitCo, our endeavour is to study the essence of a brand and help them in designing and structing a model that is unique to its need,” shares SubashreeSindhuja, Founder & CEO, GitCo Technologies.